How our Educational Tours Can Change your Students lives:

It starts with a dream: to turn classroom lessons into reality, to get your students excited about learning, to open their eyes to new possibilities, to show your students the world. Sometimes, though, that dream meets a less positive reality and you may be left wondering if you can really pull this off.

Will your students be able to afford to travel?

Will you have to spend hours every night planning and organizing the tour?

How will you manage your group of students in a foreign country?

Every day at Tanya Tours we work with teachers just like you to plan, organize and lead students on life-changing, educational travel experiences. We empower teachers like you—those who go the extra mile—to offer their students the world. We make it easy, because we know about all the hard work you already do. We will help you decide and entrust your Students Educational Travel plans to our experience team at Tanya Tours and learn on how these experiences can change your students’ lives.

Some of our specialized All inclusive tours

STEM Tours

Robotics Tour

Space Camp Tour

Eco Friendly Environment Tour

All our tours are accompanied by Student Ambassadors who are currently studying in Canada. While we generally recommend the teachers to accompany the groups as that gives them an opportunity to teach outside their classroom

Tours are available anytime during the year and can be customized per your requirements.

For more details or to have a customized program please write to our expert team on